Competition Information

We hold a 9-ball handicap competition every sunday, just phone the club on 020 7265 8506 at any time and somebody will give you all the information about the  competition.

The competition costs 5 entry and  the loser pays for the lights bill.(Buy-backs 2 loser must pay lights).
All first time entries to the competition are free.
That means no entry fee or light fee.

Most matches are a race to 9 but if there are too many entries its a race to 7.

First prize is 200 and a trophy runner up is 50 (subject to entries).

The handicap system works on a ball potting system, basically a better player will pot all the balls 1-9 and a weaker player will pot less balls.
For example Wayne Fryer plays off h-cap (-8) and he plays Terry Heath (-4) the difference between them is 4, so Terry only has to pot the 1,2,3,4 balls then he can play the 9 this system is suited towards weaker players as there are far more of them out there than good players. The system is fair otherwise wayne would not have made it to 6 finals.

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