Mile end American Pool & Snooker  operates a strict members only policy although we do permit members to invite up to two guests to the club. The relevant fees are listed below. Should you require any further information please contact the club.

Membership Details

Membership Fee   Details
Single 8.50   1   Years Membership
Student (university)
6.00   3   Years Membership
Junior (17 & Under years of age) 6.00   1   Years Membership
Renewal as above   2   Years Membership

Applications for membership will be accepted at reception in the club upon the production of a valid UK Driving Licence or Passport, along with Proof of address in the form of letter. If you are interested in joining the club please read the Club rules contained on this site or contact the club for more information. University students must provide a valid student I.D. card. 
Membership registration open between the hours of 9am-9pm for student and juniors and between 5.30pm-9pm for adults 

Guest Fees

Guest Type Fee
Adult Day Visitor 2.00
Student Day Visitor 1.50
Junior Day Visitor 1.50
Evening Visitor (after 6:30pm) 3.00

Guests of members must sign in on entry to the club. You can only visit the club twice as a guest of a member after which you must apply for membership. two guests per member 



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